About Us

John Bryant

John Bryant

Project Director and General Editor, Professor Emeritus of English, Hofstra University

Wyn Kelley

Wyn Kelley

Associate Director, Senior Lecturer in Literature, MIT.

Christopher Ohge

Christopher Ohge

Associate Director, Lecturer, Institute of English Studies, University of London

Nicholas Laiacona

Nicholas Laiacona

President, Performant Software Solutions LLC

Jamie Folsom

Jamie Folsom

Vice President, Performant Software Solutions LLC


General Editor: John Bryant

Associate Editor: Wyn Kelley

Co-editors: Colin Dewey, Timothy Marr, Gerard McGowan, Brian Yothers, Les Harrison and Christopher Ohge



Co-editors: John Bryant and Christopher Ohge

Projects: generate textual core; supervise textual and contextual annotation; develop a comprehensive design for Versions of ... editions; transcribe Billy Budd manuscript; develop metadata.

Research Associates: John Bryant, Jaime Campomar, Rebecca Cheong, Dawn Coleman, Les Harrison, Wyn Kelley, Tony McGowan, Joseph Meyer, Christopher Ohge, Steve Olsen-Smith, Wesley Raabe, Steven Sill, Haskell Springer, John Walsh, John Wenke, Marta Werner


Co-editors: Colin Dewey and Les Harrison

Projects: Moby-Dick and Art annotations; Melville’s print collection

Research Associates: Dennis Berthold, Les Harrison, Pilar Martinez Benedi, Christopher Sten, Robert K. Wallace


Co-editors: Timothy Marr and Tony McGowan

Projects: Person, Place, Event metadata, annotation and mapping of Battle-Pieces

Research Associates: Timothy Marr, Laura López Peña, Robert D. Madison, Cody Marrs, Christopher Oghe, Steve Rachman, Steven Olsen-Smith, Paul Wright


Co-editors: Wyn Kelley and Brian Yothers

Projects: Place metadata, mapping Melville’s geographical imagination, Melville in London (Itinerary)

Research Associates: Brad Bannon, Anthony Cohen, Mary K. Bercaw Edwards, Mary Isbell, Jeffrey Markham, Katie McGettigan, John Stromski, Brian Yothers


Laura Mandell (Miami of Ohio), Jerome J. McGann (Virginia), Joel Myerson (South Carolina), Bethany Nowviskie (Virginia), Daniel Pitti (IATH Virginia), Kenneth Price (Nebraska), Stephen Railton (Virginia), Martha Nell Smith (Maryland), Haskell Springer (Kansas), Andrew Stauffer (NINES, Virginia), and G. Thomas Tanselle (Guggenheim, emeritus), John Walsh (Indiana)


Daniel Rubey (Dean Emeritus, Hofstra Library), Howard Graves (Assistant Dean, Library Systems), Geri Solomon (Special Collections), Leslie Morris (Houghton), Thomas Lannon (NYPL), John A. Walsh (Indiana University).


Nick Laiacona and Jamie Folsom (Performant Software Solutions), Syd Bauman (Northeastern), Julia Flanders (Northeastern), Kurt Fendt (MIT), Brian Ferris and Kevin Pechin (Hofstra IT)