25 - Look-out Mountain Look-out Mountain. The Night Fight. (November, 1863.) Who inhabiteth the Mountain That it shines in lurid light, And is rolled about with thunders, And terrors, and a blight, Like KafIn some Arabic traditions, Mount Qaf, located at the ends of the world, represents increasingly higher spiritual states.See: the peak of Eblis Kaf, the evil height? Who has gone up with a shouting And a trumpet in the night? There is battle in the Mountain— Might assaulteth Might; 'Tis the fastness of the Anarch, Torrent-torn, an ancient height; The crags resound the clangor Of the war of Wrong and Right; And the armies in the valley Watch and pray for dawning light. Joy, joy, the day is breaking, And the cloud is rolled from sight; There is triumph in the Morning For the Anarch's plunging flight; God has glorified the Mountain Where a Banner burneth bright, And the armies in the valley They are fortified in right.