Notes Notes. In Battle-Pieces, Melville assigned letters rather than numbers as references for each of his 24 endnotes and grouped the annotations together in a "Notes" section appearing at the end of the book, just before his "Supplement." For convenience, MEL has converted Melville's endnotes to footnotes and placed them at the ends of their corresponding poems. Rather than duplicating the endnotes here in the link to Notes in MEL's interactive Table of Contents, we have provided instead a list of the lettered note references, page images representing the Notes section, and the titles of the 21 poems to which they are linked, where readers can find full transcriptions of the endnotes themselves. Note a, "The Conflict of Convictions" Note b, "The Stone Fleet" Note c, "The Temeraire" Note d, "The Temeraire" Note e, "The Victor of Antietam" Note f, "The Victor of Antietam" Note g, "Running the Batteries" Note h, "Gettysburg" Note i, "The House-top" Note j, "Chattanooga" Note k, "The Swamp Angel" Note l, "The Eagle of the Blue" Note m, "A Dirge for MacPherson" Note n, "The Frenzy in the Wake" Note o, "The Martyr" Note p, "Rebel Color-bearers at Shiloh" Note q, "The Muster" Note r, "The Released Rebel Prisoner" Note s, "A Grave near Petersberg, Virginia", Note t, "On the Slain Collegians" Note u, "On a natural Monument" Note v, "The Scout toward Aldie" Note w, "The Scout toward Aldie" Note x, "Lee in the Capitol"