48 - A Grave near Petersberg, Virginia A Grave near Petersberg, Virginia. s Head-board and foot-board duly placed— Grassed in the mound between; Daniel Drouth is the slumberer's name— Long may his grave be green! Quick was his way—a flash and a blow, Full of his fire was he— A fire of hell—'tis burnt out now— Green may his grave long be! May his grave be green, though he Was a rebel of iron mould; Many a true heart—true to the Cause, Through the blaze of his wrath lies cold. May his grave be green—still green While happy years shall run; May none come nigh to disinter The—Buried Gun. [Melville's] Note s, page 153. Shortly prior to the evacuation of Petersburg, the enemy, with a view to ultimate repossession, interred some of his heavy guns in the same field with his dead, and with every circumstance calculated to deceive. Subsequently the negroes exposed the stratagem.