40 - The Surrender at Appomattox The Surrender at Appomattox. (April, 1865.) As billows upon billows roll, On victory victory breaks; Ere yet seven days from Richmond's fall And crowning triumph wakes The loud joy-gun, whose thunders run By sea-shore, streams, and lakes. The hope and great event agree In the sword that Grant received from Lee. The warring eagles fold the wing, But not in Cæsar's sway; Not Rome o'ercome by Roman arms we sing, As on PharsaliaThe Roman epic poem by Lucan (39-65 CE), also known as De Bello Civili (On the Civil War), recounts Julius Caesar's defeat of Pompey resulting in the end of the Roman Republic.'s day, But Treason thrown, though a giant grown, And Freedom's larger play. All human tribes glad token see In the close of the wars of Grant and Lee.